3 things I like about Scrum

I recently started working on a Scrum team and just finished a Scrum Essentials class. So far I really am enjoying working on a Scrum team. Some people complain about the Scrum process for a number of meetings. I can’t believe I actually like (some) meetings now, well I’ve never minded “productive” meetings and the Scrum meetings seem to be productive and focused on getting results.

3 of the coolest things I like about Scrum so far…

  1. Constant Improvement – The entire process seems to be focused on moving forward and how we can get more done as a team.
  2. Transparency – Using a Scrum board, we know exactly what’s going on and each member of the team knows what we need to do to achieve our goals.
  3. The Rituals – I like the structure, we have set processes like setting goals, planning, and refining that we don’t deviate from.