about me

I am a creative professional who can function across many different areas from sketching low-fidelity wireframing, user flows and user experience design, to visual design and illustration, to hand-coding complex data-driven websites. As a part of Nuorbit Media, I had the opportunity to design and code websites for some of the most prestigious international brands in business like Lionel Trains, Quaker Oatmeal, Tropicana, and Aunt Jemima. I am currently living in Central Indiana where I work as an UX Designer for Indiana University.

Design Philosophy

It might be cheesy but after reading the book "Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose" it really inspired me to think about my core values and philosophy as a creative designer.

  • I believe a great user experience is a balance between — business goals, user goals, usability, and "enjoyability".
  • I believe if I am not on moving forward, I am at best stagnant.
  • I believe my best design... is my next design.
  • I believe in staying current in the latest design and trends, but not being too trendy.
  • I believe design is like life sometimes less is more and just because you can wear pajamas, spandex, and yoga pants in public — does NOT mean you should.
  • I believe in goal driven design — strategic communication is the best type of communication.
  • I believe in getting to "yes" quick but if it is not right for everybody... don't do it.
  • I believe in being different, different is good.
  • I believe every project regardless of the medium or size is an opportunity to be creative.
  • I believe design should be more about building relationships, than design.

Areas of Expertise and Tools

My expertise and passion is creative design and development, I have over 17 years of professional experience designing and hand-coding websites. Although I feel I'm not as nearly as proficient, I have designed and developed back-end applications using Cold Fusion, PHP, MYSQL, JSON, and XML. Check out my portfolio to see my work.

The tools I use the most. When starting projects, I use a lot of paper, sketching wireframes, user flows, personas, storyboards and low-fidelity prototyping. For mock-ups and concepts, I go to Photoshop and illustrator. In high fidelity prototyping, I'll use BootStrap, Balsamiq Mockups or Axure. For development, I like working on my localhost, the backend usually determines the tools I'll use everything from Atom editor to Rubymine. I'm a Wacom tablet addict and am comfortable using a Windows and Ubuntu, but I prefer working with Mac. I use a variety of web-based tools for speed and accessibility.


I enjoy quite evenings and a long walk on the beach with my cat, not really... I love being with my wife, kids and friends, frolicking in our redneck ways from archery and camping to riding motorcycles. I also enjoy dabbling in traditional art- clay and illustration.