3 reasons I like using SASS

I started using SASS a few months ago and feel like I have just scratched the surface of this new approach to CSS. I was hesitant to start using SASS, at first I thought it ran on the server and was like a type of middleware, and I would have to learn another scripting language. However it’s not middleware, and I didn’t have to learn anything new to start using SASS. I’m using a nifty tool called compass.app it’s easy to use and here are 3 reasons I will continue to use SASS.

Helps keep my development files organized.
I’m a speed freak; I like fast websites and will try to squeeze every last byte out of a file. By using SASS, I can keep comments in the production file, and it compresses the final CSS automatically. I used to use PHP to strip out the end-of-line breaks and comments and maintain 2 files, not anymore.

Variables and Mixins
Defining variables and mixins saves me time. No more find-and-replace, which isn’t too bad until you start working with multiple files.
Having the ability to use @import and break the CSS into multiple files allows several developers to work on different areas of the site without running into one another. I’m using the @import to pull in my reset, and form stylesheets and to test my CSS 2.1 files before I use the CSS 3.