UX and unicorns

In my quest to be a better redneck, I like to read books and take online classes. Now I”m enrolled in the Google UX Design Professional Certificate and I just completed the course Foundations of User Experience Design. The course was awesome. I’m a UX designer, I can research, design, and code. Because of my skills, I’ve been called a “unicorn” on more than 1 occasion. I never really thought much about it, until taking this course.

Google breaks down the different types of UX Designers into categories.

  • Specialist, someone who specializes in 1 aspect of UX design, like interaction or motion design.
  • Generalist, someone who has multiple responsibilities in UX but not considered an expert in any 1 area.
  • T-shaped Designer, someone with deep knowledge in 1 area, has a broader range of skills. Maybe someone who is a visual designer that also knows prototyping, writing, and coding.

With my background in design, and coding. I feel like I’m more of a T-shaped designer. Regardless at least I’m not a unicorn. But if I were a unicorn, I would want to be even more different. Maybe I’d be rock a tight perm or paint my hooves purple:)